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Sugar Rush…

what happen when I linsten to nikai minaj while fanproing. 


all beacuse of a meme

do not underestimate the power of a single meme

the meme that destroy the feels of a generation. 

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Top 20 Characters (as voted by my followers) → #16: Toph Beifong

"The obedient little helpless blind girl that you think I am just isn’t me. I love fighting. I love being an earthbender. And I’m really, really good at it."

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Watch planet of the apes and went straight to watching dawn of the planet of the apes an hour later on sunday. 

It was an amazing movie and Ceasar commanded such power and you could always feel the power and tension in the scene when ever you saw him. koba is of course a badass and the human characters were ok too thought the human leader was probably my favorite but of course the apes shadowed their performance.I was mind blown by the CGI in film, the shots were clear and breathtaking, cinematography was really top notch in this movie plus the environments really did well to set the mood.Pace and timing of the movie was just right, not to long or not too short, with good amount of twists and turns to keep you on your toes.You’re definitely gonna think about this movie after a few days from watching it.

So far one of the best films of summer 2014, hopefully I can say the same thing for guardians of the galaxy.

For the love god if you’re going to spend money on transformers 4 please make a detour on that decision and watch dawn of the planet of the apes, trust me.


Ken Ashcorp - In The Zone

It’s a song about, well, exactly what you’d think it would be!



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Early concepts for how to treat limbs on Steven Universe! 

I wanted to get the most anatomical information out of the least amount of lines. 

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Deedee Magno / Zach Callison

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Steel mermaid corset by Fiori Couture

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From: Showstudio

By:Gareth Pugh

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Drew this on my 3DS last night.

Magnum is my excuse for drawing ripped torsos.

drawing animation can be viewed here!